Maldives Covid19 Safety Protocols

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Some countries aren’t bothering with covid-19 testing for visitors, and while that may appear attractive to some holiday starved travelers, it’s a major turn off to others, even if it brings in large numbers.

The Maldives requires a covid-19 test prior to flight, which helps keep sick people off the plane in the first place, and the policy has shown to be extremely effective. Hawaii recently reported that thanks to pre-flight testing, only 1:1,553 travelers were testing positive for covid-19 days after arrival, with 0.6% of all arrivals testing positive at any point.

For nervous travelers, this means many trips to the Maldives offer a lesser chance of sitting next to an infected passenger on the plane, particularly on airlines like Emirates, which require a negative covid-19 test for passengers from all departure points, not just those headed to the Maldives.

Upon arrival, visitors are screened for any obvious symptoms and reasonable limits on island hopping remain in place, to keep contact tracing and other measures viable. All hotels were also forced to add measures including quarantine stations to deal with any potentially symptomatic arrivals which slip through the cracks.

But really, it’s the reasons to go to the Maldives which make it such a good choice.