Travel Conditions

Dear customers and travelers,

The following provisions, if effectively agreed, will be the content of the package travel contract between the customer and the company Ritzy Pvt Ltd, hereinafter referred to as ” Ritzy Holidays “, of the package travel contract that comes into effect when the contract is concluded. 

Please read these travel conditions carefully before booking!

1.1. Ritzy Holidays’ travel services generally do not include air transport services to the venue. Unless the flight is expressly stated as part of the package tour offered and carried out by Ritzy Holidays in the travel advertisement, Ritzy Holidays does not offer flight services as its own service, but as an intermediary service in addition to the package tour.

1.2. Insofar as Ritzy Holidays arranges additional tourist ancillary services from other service providers in addition to the flight transport services (e.g. flight transport service plus a stay in the airport lounge) and these ancillary services of the further service provider do not make a significant proportion of the total value of this service package and are neither an essential characteristic of this service package of the service provider or of Ritzy Holidays itself represent nor are advertised as such, Ritzy Holidays only has the position of an intermediary.

1.3. As an intermediary, Ritzy Holidays has the position of an intermediary for connected travel services, provided that, the prerequisites for the mediation of connected travel services by Ritzy Holidays are met.

1.4. Without prejudice to the obligations of Ritzy Holidays as a provider of related travel services (in particular the delivery of the legally required form and implementation of the customer money protection in the event of a collection activity by Ritzy Holidays) and the legal consequences if these legal obligations are not met, Ritzy Holidays is deemed to be in the event of the prerequisites according to 1.2 or 1.3 neither the tour operator nor the contractual partner of the air transport contract that comes into effect in the event of a booking. Ritzy Holidays is therefore not liable for the information provided by the brokered contract partner on prices and services, for the provision of services itself or for compensation for these brokered services. Any liability on the part of Ritzy Holidays from the agency contract and from statutory provisions,

1.5. The intermediary position obliges Ritzy Holidays in particular:

  1. a) In the case of the respective offer for the mediation of a service, refer to the agency of Ritzy Holidays stating the provider and contractual partner in the event of a booking
  2. b) To show the price of the mediated service separately from the price of the package tour
  3. c) To give the customer a booking confirmation corresponding to the above information, in which the price of the mediated service is shown separately.

1.6. The above provisions do not affect Ritzy Holidays’ liability from the agency contract.

2.1. The following applies to all booking channels:

  1. a) The basis of the Ritzy Holidays offer and the customer’s booking are the travel advertisement and the supplementary information from Ritzy Holidays for the respective trip, insofar as these are available to the customer when booking.
  2. b) Service providers (e.g. hotels, transport companies) and booking offices are not authorized by Ritzy Holidays to make agreements, to provide information or to make assurances that change the agreed content of the package travel contract via the travel advertisement or the contractually promised by Ritzy Holidays Services go beyond or contradict them.
  3. c) Local and hotel brochures as well as internet advertisements that are not published by Ritzy Holidays are not binding for Ritzy Holidays and Ritzy Holidays’ obligation to perform, unless they have been made part of Ritzy Holidays’ obligation to perform by express agreement with the customer.
  4. d) If the content of the travel confirmation from Ritzy Holidays differs from the content of the booking, a new offer from Ritzy Holidays is available to which it is bound for a period of 10 days. The contract is concluded on the basis of this new offer, provided that Ritzy Holidays has pointed out the change with regard to the new offer and has fulfilled its pre-contractual information obligations and the customer declares acceptance by express declaration or down payment within the Ritzy Holidays commitment period.
  5. e) The pre-contractual information given by Ritzy Holidays about essential characteristics of the travel services, the travel price and all additional costs, the payment modalities, the minimum number of participants and the flat rate cancellation fees will only then not part of the package tour contract, unless this has been expressly agreed between the parties.
  6. f) The customer is liable for all contractual obligations of fellow travelers for whom he makes the booking, as well as for his own, insofar as he has assumed a corresponding obligation by express and separate declaration.


2.2. The following applies to bookings made orally, by telephone, in writing, by e-mail, by SMS or by fax:

  1. a) With the booking the customer offers Ritzy Holidays the conclusion of the package travel contract. The customer is bound to the booking for 3 working days.
  2. b) The contract is concluded when Ritzy Holidays receives the travel confirmation (declaration of acceptance). Upon or immediately after the conclusion of the contract, Ritzy Holidays will send the customer a travel confirmation in accordance with the legal requirements on a permanent data carrier (which enables the customer to keep the declaration unchanged or to save it so that it is accessible to him within a reasonable period of time, e.g. on paper or by email), unless the traveler is entitled to a travel confirmation in paper form, because the contract was concluded with the simultaneous physical presence of both parties or outside of business premises.


2.3. Ritzy Holidays points out that package travel contracts according to, which are in distance sales (letters, catalogs, telephone calls, Faxes, e-mails, messages sent via mobile phone service (SMS) as well as radio, telemedia and online services) have been concluded, there is no right of withdrawal, but only the statutory rights of withdrawal and termination, in particular the right of withdrawal. However, a right of revocation exists if the contract for travel services has been concluded outside of business premises, unless the oral negotiations on which the conclusion of the contract is based were based on a previous order by the consumer;